How to transfer/import video to windows movie maker (WMM) from JVC camcorder?

JVC camcorder has many models, some of which capture videos in MOD format, some in TOD format and some in AVCHD format. Neither of those formats can be recognized by windows movie maker directly. So you have to convert JVC video to WMM supportable WMV, AVI and MPG with a professional JVC video to windows movie maker converter.

Frequently asked questions about JVC camcorder:

Q1: I want to use Windows XP Movie Maker. I have a JVC MG145AA Hard Disk Camcorder and Software. I need to transfer the Video from my Everio Software to Movie Maker to make some "Movies". I have tried but so far failed to make any progress (at all).Any help would be very excellently good!

Q2: Hi I have a JVC Everio Video Camera. This camera uses a strange video file extension (.mod). I try to play these video files on windows media player but it won't play. I also tried to import these files in windows movie maker but it won't do it. Please give me a solution. I would appreciate any idea.

Q3. I have tried to hook up my JVC camcorder model GR-DVL915U using a firewire cable. I don't have the camcorder software and was wondering if windows movie maker can recognize my camcorder video?

Professional JVC video to windows movie maker converter is designed for all JVC camcorders which can accept TOD, MOD, AVCHD videos without any difficulty and convert them to WMV format with just a few mouse clicks to transfer video to windows movie maker (WMM) from JVC camcorder.

Import JVC video to windows movie maker converter is able to accept all popular formats such as MOD, TOD, AVCHD, M2TS, MTS, TD, TRP, VOB, MPG, MKV, DV, MOV, etc and convert videos for playing on iPod, iPhone, PSP, BlackBerry, Zune, iRiver, Creative Zen, Gphone, Apple TV and various mobile phones.

You can free to adjust video resolution, frame rate, bitrate, encoder and audio sample rate, channel, encoder, bite rate to get a preferred watching effect for high definition videos captured by JVC camcorder. Besides, you may select a proper aspect ratio among original, full, 4:3 and 16:9.

JVC camera video to windows movie maker converter offer your powerful editing features which can help you to crop, clip and add effects. You can also capture favored images while previewing the video with the built in camera in JPG, BMP, PNG format.

How to convert JVC video to WMM WMV, AVI, MPG format to import JVC video to windows movie maker step by step?

Step one: download
Download JVC video to windows movie maker converter and double click .exe to install. You may evaluate the trial version first. The trial version has no difference with the full version concerning on video quality, converting speed etc.

Step two: add JVC camcorder videos
Click "Add Video" button to add JVC videos to converter
add JVC video to windows movie maker

Step three: select output format
In the drop dropdown list of profiles, select WMV format for windows movie maker
convert JVC video to WMM

Step four: edit videos
Click "Clip" button to trim videos into several segment you need to convert. Click "Edit" button to crop out unwanted objects and add special effects
edit JVC video width windows movie maker

Step five: start conversion
Start to convert JVC video to WMM to edit JVC video with windows movie maker
import JVC video to windows movie maker

JVC MOD camcorders

  • 2004: GZ-MC100 (SD), GZ-MC200 (SD)
  • 2005: GZ-MG30 (HDD), GZ-MG70 (HDD)
  • 2006: GZ-MG37 (HDD), GZ-MG77 (HDD), GZ-MG505 (HDD, SD/SDHC card)
  • 2007: GZ-MG130 (HDD), GZ-MG155 (HDD), GZ-MG255 (HDD), GZ-MG555 (HDD, SD/SDHC card)
  • 2008: GZ-MS100U (SD/SDHC card)
  • 2008: GZ-MG7230 (30 GB HDD, MicroSD)
  • 2009: GZ-MG630 (60 GB HDD, MicroSD), GZ-MG670 (80 GB HDD, MicroSD), GZ-MG680 (120 GB HDD, MicroSD)
  • JVC TOD camcorders

  • 2007: GZ-HD7 (HDD, SD/SDHC), GZ-HD3 (HDD, SD/SDHC)
  • March 2008: GZ-HD5 (HDD, MicroSD), GZ-HD6 (HDD, MicroSD)
  • June 2008: GZ-HD30, GZ-HD40 (HDD, MicroSD, capable of both TOD and AVCHD recording)
  • JVC AVCHD camcorders:

  • GZ-HD10, GZ-HD30, GZ-HD40