How to import JVC video to iMovie for editing JVC camcorder video with iMovie?

Best JVC video to iMovie converter empowers you to convert JVC camcorder video to iMovie DV format so that you will easily solve the problem for not being able to edit JVC video with. JVC camcorder has many models and they shoot videos in different video format like MOD, TOD, AVCHD. All of them belong to HD video files which cannot be recognized by numerous editing tools and players.

With professional JVC video to iMovie converter, you are free to convert HD TOD, convert HD MOD to HD video and adjust video resolution, frame rate, bitrate, audio bitrate, channel, sample rate to get the perfect watching vision. Besides, you could cut off black sides by cropping, split videos into several segments by clipping and tune video saturation, contrast, brightness.

JVC MOD to iMovie converting Program has a quite simple-to-use interface which is both for novice and veteran. It allows you to put JVC MOD to iMovie, JVC TOD to iMovie and transfer JVC video to iMovie on Mac with just a few mouse clicks at super high speed.

How to convert JVC camcorder video to DV for importing JVC TOD/MOD/AVCHD to iMovie on Mac step by step?

Step one: Download
Download, install and run JVC video to iMovie converter

Step two: Add video from JVC camcorder to converter
Press "Add File" button to add one or multiple videos directly from JVC camcorder or from Mac
Add JVC video to iMovie,JVC MOD to iMovie

Step three: Select output format for iMovie

  • Select "DV" for iMovie HD
  • Select "DV, MPEG-2" for iMovie08---iMovie08 works with many tapeless camcorders that record to flash memory, HDD or DVD media, but iMovie 08 does not support MPEG-2 format from JVC GZ-HD10KR, GZ-HD30, GZ-HD40
  • Select "DV, MPEG-4" for iMovie 09---iMovie09 supports the most popular video formats like AVCHD and MPEG4, and even the new iFrame video format.

import JVC video to iMovie,convert JVC TOD to iMovie

Step four: Edit JVC video
Press "Clip""Edit" button to retain your needed parts, split time length segment and adjust special effects
Edit JVC video width iMovie,Edit JVC File to iMovie

Step five: Start to convert JVC to iMovie
Press "Start" button to start JVC video to iMovie conversion on Mac (snow leopard included)
convert JVC video to iMovie